For the last few hours, I have been embroiled in a fierce Monopoly battle. Let me tell you, it has been one of the finest games of Monopoly that anyone has ever played. I was able to get Park Place or whatever it is called in Disney Pixar Monopoly very early. It’s probably Woody’s Hat or the old guy from UP! or something. I also took part in a four-way trade that gave three people a Monopoly. I helped gather the money from the bank off of the floor twice when it was knocked over and did not steal any money, though I wouldn’t admit either way until the statute of limitations runs out on it.

As I stare at my wad of pastel money, I am reminded of the number of games I do not care for. There are a lot of them. Literally billions of them (By literally, I mean figuratively). It brings to mind an old post:

The Life and Times of Nathan Badley...

I’m about to say something that will enrage the masses.

I hate board games.

Right now, you are seriously thinking about throwing your computer to the ground and hunting me down just to punch me in the face. I know this is your reaction because this is not the first time I’ve said this. In fact, I’ve said often enough it might be on my grave stone:

Nathan Badley 1987-2275

“I hate board games”

(Yes, by the way, I do plan on living 288 years. Most people my age think they’re invincible, so me limiting myself to less than three centuries is quite the step up.)

Now, I do have to step back for a second and say I don’t hate ALL board games. I like Risk and Monopoly. Really, any game involving some sort of strategy is at least mildly enjoyable.

Unfortunately, no one else seems…

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