The Power of Dreams

This evening, I set down to watch the Olympics. First, I watched men’s diving. Barely clothed men were falling off of a very high surface. Next, I watched pole vaulters fling themselves into the air before falling over a pole. Then there were clips of runners falling.

Then I fell asleep.

I was asleep no more than two minutes when I began to dream I was falling. I stumbled and, right before I hit the ground, I woke up.

I am not one who believes in dream interpretation. I have never understood who could fall for that. It seems like pure nonsense. Out of curiosity, though, I fell into my desk chair and Googled it.

“You need to be more confident,” it said. “The fault lies in you.”

I immediately felt concerned. Had I fallen into a rut where I had become a doormat? I did not realize I had no confidence, yet somehow my level of self-assurance had dipped, falling to an alarming low.

I think next time I nap, I will watch people firmly standing on ground before I doze off. That seems like the safest thing to see before falling asleep.


14 thoughts on “The Power of Dreams

  1. Ha! I do the same thing when I have dreams – google them. Not sure what to believe but dream interpretations are wicked interesting and convincing! Good luck!


  2. Also, never sleep barefooted. If you, by any chance, start sleepwalking and you step on something deadly like a Lego brick, it’s over, man. Somebody should invent sleeping shoes just in case.


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