Lessons of the Week


DIRECTV blimp (Photo credit: gsbrown99)

If you pay attention, you can learn a lot in life. In the last week, I have learned so incredibly important facts that are sure to change the way I think forever.


“Overcooking brownies can cause brownie dryness.” –the box of brownie mix I am currently using

“Bud Light Lime is great because the cans are so big.” –a random alcoholic who judges his beverages based on how much is served to him at a time and the likelihood that will make him a bit drunk

“My pirate ship has weapons like swords and spears and snakes on it, so it’s cool.” –a seven-year-old

“Your car is stinky and dirty.” –same seven-year-old speaking about my stinky, dirty car

“These shoes will not go with that dress.” –a female coworker talking about the likelihood that her shoes will go with a dress that I have not seen

“There’s never been a better time to switch from cable!” –a DirecTV advertisement I received in the mail

“Ice Age needs to chill.” –CNN about the movie Ice Age

“This really is a quite exciting post, I’m seeking for this know how. So you recognize I established your internet internet site when I was looking for internet sites like my own, so please appear at my internet internet site someday and post me a opinion to let me know how you feel. 857402” –random spam comment on my blog


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