The Sweet Siren Song of Asiago Cheese

Being healthy is the worst. I should really clarify, I suppose. Behaving in a healthy manner is the worst. Having physical health is an okay thing, I suppose, though if behaving in a healthy manner is what it takes to achieve it, I fear it may be highly overrated. Recently, I decided to be a […]

The Legendary Pickled Cucumber Debate II: The Quest for Peace

Not surprisingly, I have had a bit of a pushback in regards to a post I wrote yesterday regarding whether pickled cucumbers should just be called pickles. The answer, as far as I am concerned, is a resounding no. Despite my best efforts to talk sense into the world, some people still disagree with me. […]

The Legendary Pickled Cucumber Debate

In any relationship, there tends to be disagreements. Whether it is over chores, forgotten holidays, or simple things like not placing the cap on the toothpaste, these disagreements can be a stumbling block for even the most steadfast of relationships. My marriage is no different. We have disagreements just like anyone else. For the past […]